Polaris Webiste FAQs


Polaris Website Suggested Edits to Existing FAQs:

1.a. Question: Do you sell trailers directly to the public?

1.b. Answer: No, as a manufacturer, we concentrate our business on making a superior product.  We have a vast dealer network throughout North America that sell our products.


2.a. Question: Are the products on the website all the you offer?

2.b. Answer: Our website covers a majority of our product line; however, we are proud to offer and manufacturer custom/specialty trailers to meet anyone’s needs.  Contact your local dealer for availability and pricing.


Polaris Website Suggested FAQs:

1.a. Question: Is your warranty transferrable if I sell my trailer?

1.b. Answer: No, the manufacturer’s warranty is not transferrable.  The warranty is assigned to original owner at the time of purchase from an authorized dealer.


2.a. Question: How do I submit a warranty claim if something is wrong with my trailer?

2.b. Answer: Contact your dealer that you purchased the trailer from.  Your dealer will submit the required documents to process your claim.


3.a. Question: How can I order replacement parts and accessories for my trailer?

3.b. Answer: Alcom LLC is only licensed to sell wholesale to our dealer network.  Contact any of our authorized dealers to order parts and accessories.


4.a. Question: Where can I find the VIN tag on my trailer?

4.b. Answer: The VIN tag is placed on the driver’s side of the tongue at the factory.  It is the only identification on the trailer.  If you lose your VIN tag, contact the dealer it was purchased from.


5.a.  Question:  How do I clean my aluminum trailer?

5.b. Answer: We recommend you spot test any cleaner used before applying to the entire trailer.  For painted surfaces, only use a non-abrasive, mild detergents such as a mild car wash soap.  On raw aluminum surfaces, any aluminum polish or cleaner can be used, however, polish or cleaner may dull or increase the shine of the aluminum.